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The Firefly Litter

What an amazing time we had raising this beautiful litter of 5; 3 boys and 2 girls. Its incredible that they can grow and be off to their new homes so quickly. One day you are staying up through the night and ensuring they are getting enough to eat and the next thing you know you are bidding them farewell with a tear.

We are keeping a girl as a prospective show/breeding girl. Her name is Shiny, her registered name is Orsatti's I Aim to Misbehave. If you are familiar with the movie Serenity (built from the TV show Firefly) you'll understand.

A couple photos of pups below and a short video that hopefully explains how she got her name Shiny. For more pictures and info on this litter see the Firefly link under 'Puppy Info' tab.

Newfoundland, blue boy, Kevin
Orsatti's Take the Sky

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