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Roos and chicks Experiment

We've decided to hatch out some summer chicks. The girls lay pretty well, but it seems we don't always have enough eggs once the neighbour or a few associates want a dozen or two. Given that we really just want some laying hens and no roosters, we decided to do an experiment.

Now I've seen testimony that the 'pointy' ended eggs are roos, and the rounder eggs are hens. This comes from chicken people. Though I also read an article, where they claimed it was false. Now in fairness article writer didn't claim any actual practical knowledge and the primary reasoning was because egg hatcheries don't cull eggs, they cull dhicks once sexed. But that just doesn't seem reasonable enough to draw the conclusion that its false. What's that saying... correlation doesn't equal causation.

Anyway, long story short, we decided to test the theory ourselves to see the real world results. All the round topped eggs went aside for the incubator and the rest to the fridge.

Update in approx 21 days.

Rounded and pointy eggs.

What do you think the results will be?

  • Mostly or all chicks

  • Mostly Roos

  • No difference (50/50, leaning toward somewhat more chicks)

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