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BBS Orpington Hatch

Wow what a great summer we have been having. The following picture blog will take you through our last BBS Orpington hatch. Hover over each picture for a brief description.

Nash could hear the chirping when they were still in eggs and kept running over to incubator.

The first chick is about to break free.

Quite a few are out new.  This is a good sample of the blue black and splash chicks.

No matter how many times I sat them away from me, they would come running to me and cuddle in like I was mother hen.

The first chick was born on the evening of the 20th day.  This little guy made his way out on day 23.  We called him Tiny, his new dad called him Eagle.

Beautiful BBS Orpington chicks

#Chickens #BBSOpington #Hatching

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