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Side Projects

As expected the summer is going so fast, we can barely keep up. We finally got the potatoes in and are well overdue for weeding. Seems like the weeds are worse than ever this year, but everything seems to be going quite well with the garden.

Our flag rope broke last year, but the pole didn't lower so it was hard to fix, but with some help from family it was fixed in no time. We also got a proper clothes line hung. What a difference.

We started working on a harvest table last year and we need to pull it out and complete it this summer. We should be able to get that done in the next couple weeks. I also started to refinish an old picnic table. It's in such bad condition people didn't want to sit at it, but with a little love it can be made as good as new again I'm sure.

We have a hatch of Orpingtons due by the end of this week, so I'm hoping all goes well on that front.

Finally, I've been trying to stop at some garage sales to see if I can pick up any good deals. I'm looking for old farmhouse chairs that I can set around the harvest table or anything old that will last. So far I have found the really great Christmas tree stand and some recipe books. No chairs.

We decided we would go out to the tree farm this year and for the 1st time have a real Christmas tree. I just love this old cast iron stand. It's quite large, about 18".

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