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Spring is in the air

I love it when the snow finally melts and the anticipation of spring keeps us on our toes. Every day is spent hoping it will be 'warmer' so that the snow will finish melting and the green will return. I love spring, it's definitely the best time of year. It's like all the old melts away and the new begins. The new buds on the trees and the daphodils peeking up through the grass in spite of snow and frost. The smell of 1st cut grass and lilacs.

And... there's lots of work to do.

We've already got a good deal planted including onions, kale, rapini and tomatoes. There's still a large tree down on the property that has to get cut up and the wall between kitchen and living room will come down. I've also convinced the hubby we should put a second run in for the chickens and I'm really hoping we can make time for that this year. Once we start on the garden it's hard to get anything else done.

This is what keeps us pre-occupied mostly from May thru Sept. 42' x 80' of goodness.

Although this year we are also planning a camping trip in the fall. A few days away to enjoy the outdoors hiking and taking some great pictures / painting in Algonquin. We used to go camping every year until we bought the property. We just haven't had the time to go in a few years and having the chickens has made it harder.

This pic above is from our very first trip together in 2002. Backwoods camping up toward Eliot Lake. It was the hubby's first time so I figured what better way than to throw him in the deep end head first. And in spite of freezing cold temps every night and a constant wind that kept us well chilled, he loved it.

We even went camping on our honeymoon. Up to the tip of Cape Breton to the Jumping Mouse Camping ground. Technically we stayed in the little cabin, but it only had enough room for sleeping. How could anyone not love it with views like this?

But I digress, my I love spring post has turned into an I love camping post. I guess I just love the outdoors period. Anytime of year.

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