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A little Catch up

In spite of passing us by in a flash, we had a great summer in 2014. Every spare moment was spent in the garden and enjoying the outdoors.

We had a few visitors including those from next door who always stop by when their in the adjacent field. Especially to see Nash.

We had great success in the garden, especially with our potatoes. To the left is a few of our purple potatoes, but we also grew red and gold.

It's probably the most labour intensive crop, but they are definitely worth it. The flavour is truly great and they last in our root cellar all year. We still have a lot left and always have enough left over to plant our new crop each spring.

We are going to try using land scaping cloth this year to cut down on the amount of time we spend weeding. It's a never ending battle that usually gets the best of us by August in spite of our best efforts.

By the end of the season we spend as much time as possible getting our crops into the root cellar, pickled, frozen or sauce. Below is our batch of ketchup and Salsa. The salsa is lasting us fine, but we need to do two batches of ketchup this year. I highly recommend making some, it's better than hienz and you know what's in it.

The Opingtons were great layers and we ate and sold a whole lot of eggs. They ate a ton of greens out of the garden, but were especially fond of the dandilions that grew in the spring. We treated them with greens and melons or what ever happened to be handy and look good and they treated us with the greatest eggs. We haven't been getting any over the winter really, but I'm hoping they start again in February now that the days are getting longer.

And that about catches us up. Now that it's almost the end of January I'm all about ordering seeds and planting seedlings. Anyone who thinks that all the fun is over after Christmas or New Years needs to start a garden and grow their own seedlings. The fun is just starting :)

What crops are you planting?

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