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Best BBQ/Camp Wings


Try the recipe for wings to cook over your camp fire or BBQ in video below. Best wings I've ever had and I love my wings.

Even if you don't like your wings hot, use the recommended sauce for brushing on while cooking anyway; you really need it and it won't really make them hot. I'd not even say medium if that is all the heat you use.

By the same token, if you really like 'hot' feel free to add your favourite hot peppers to the mix.

Finally, with a cooking temperature this hot, watch the wings very closely until you get used to how long it takes, it cooks really fast at this heat. Where I set my camera on the temperature indicator it took me an extra 5 minutes to focus correctly and you can see they almost over cooked.

Give them a try and be sure to let us know how you enjoyed them.

#recipe #bbq #wings

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