The truth about GMO

GMO / Genetically Modified Foods

Let me just start by clarifying what GMOs are / are not.

They are not simply a hybrid. Example, you can cross a squash and a pumpkin and get some variation of the two from the seeds they produce. Even though that pumpkin may look like the perfect pumpkin, if you grew a butternut squash near it, you will get a variation of the two from the seeds they produce. This is hybrid.

I sometimes explaiin it to friends using dogs as an example. You can breed a poodle and a labrador retriever together. But you don't get some poodles and some labs, you get mutts or what people tend to call labradoodles. Same idea. To put it simply, in these examples, even though they are different varieties, they are the same species.

GMO seeds are completely different. The are produced in lab by mixing the genes of different species together. (If we refer to the above, it would be like breeding a dog and a cat. Or even a cat and a fish, but just a part. Say you wanted a cat that could bark, or breathe under water. You would be taking one animal and trying to make it somehow better by adding genes of another).

So for example, they commonly add the genes of bacteria to a plant to make it poisonous to bugs that try to eat it. Unfortunately, this works on both pests and beneficial insects.