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What is there to do in January

The Amaranth snow

I trust everyone had a very good Christmas and New Year!

And while planting may seem far off to some I'm starting to get very busy. I've done an inventory of all my seeds and created a list of items I need. Now I need to research where I want to get my seeds.

That may not seem like a big deal, but when you are looking for top quality at good price, you want to make sure you are getting the very best. In addition to wanting the best for my own garden, I have a number of people who get their seedlings from us, so to do any less wouldn't be acceptable.

I'll be sourcing some from a seed house like Vesey's, some from established selllers on ebay and some from small farmers who grow their own heirlooms in a few select areas. I'm still looking for a top quality pepper supplier so if you can recommend one let me know. I've tried bringing seeds from breeders half the world away, but have been unhappy with some of the results. Because of this I'll be starting to save my own seeds this summer for our favourite varieties.

I'll also be planting my Rosemary shortly. The general rule is that Rosemary takes too long to grow from seed, but I love watching that tiny little sprout grow over the spring and summer to the point where I can finally take some cuttings for a roast or stew. There's a real sense of satisfaction in the process moreso than those items that grow fast and easy.

When you are growing all the plants for your own garden, you'll be surprised at how fast spring comes. And with the new garden in, I keep hearing from people about how much work it's going to be and how it's going to take up all our spare time, but when you love watching things grow from seeds to produce you can put on your table, its not so much work as a healthy hobby. The seeds, the soil, the fresh air and the harvest is not just in a days work, it's a labour of love.

Now, I've promised my sister pickled beets and corn relish this fall, so that's when the work will come in. But even the days spent preserving the harvest will pay off 100 fold over the winter.

So, yes even though it's January, there's nothing to stop us from thinking, planning and preparing for spring. It's all part of the fun of growing your own food.

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