The War on Democracy - Documentary Review

4/5 ****

The War on Democracy covers the role the Unites States played in Latin America from Chile to Venezuela. The film makers approach this topic with a compassionate stance to the people and disdain for the actions of the "empire".

The film makes a very pertinent point when it gives a simple definition of democracy. A nation ruled "of the people, by the people, for people" Abraham Lincoln. But when many countries stood up for this principle they were met w/ fierce opposition and brutality that can hardly be imagined.

After watching this documentary it's hard not to realize that our understanding of language has been turned around. No longer does democracy ring true of the meaning given to us by Lincoln, but a government of a ruling elite that works for the benefit of the rich. More and more countries are accountable to the corporate structure and banking systems; this is not democracy - its fascism.

We clearly learn in this film not just the atrocities tha