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In goes the Garden

1st Picture: before breaking ground.

One of the biggest selling points of our property was the space available for a garden. We both love working in the garden and learning new things about what we grow. With the new garden which is approximately 3200 square feet, we expect to grow enough to have vegetables year round. Fresh in the summer and preserves and cold cellar varieties through the winter.

2nd picture: We broke ground on the garden late October. 1st thing that had to be done was remove the short fence and bushes at the end of the yard. This was all done manually each taking an entire day to complete.

Third picture: We were very lucky that a friend of our neighbor was able to come over and turn the area for us. He was very helpful and saved us alot of time and money. Once this was complete we rented a tiller. That took the hubby 11 hours to complete and another half day of raking and fixing edging. Overall I couldn't be more thrilled with our progress and can't wait to get growing in the spring. We still need to have the manure dumped and then we can let it sit until spring before any more work is required.


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