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Orpington Chickens

We have Blue Black and Splash Orpingtons.  Use the drop down list above or click here to see our Orpington Gallery.

Orpingtons are a great all around bird.  They are large in size and considered a dual purpose breed.  They are well suited for cold climates and assuming they are in a well built pen in the correct numbers do exceptionally well here in Canada without additional heat in winter. 


They stop laying through the coldest months, which is ok by me.  Putting additional light in their pen will make them lay more, but I like to give them a break.    As soon as the days start getting noticably longer they start laying again and for a dual purpose breed lay very well.

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Chicks for 2017


We had a great hatching year for 2016.  To help us gauge the quantity of chicks we need to hatch out, we will be accepting pre-orders for 2017.  Because we are a small heritage bird breeder, we are limited in the QTY we can supply, please be sure to place early to avoid disappointment.


Chicks:    $12.00 per chick

   -straight run only (female and male chicks as hatched).


Poulets:  $50.00 per hen.

   -young hens, ready/almost ready to lay.


*Please request poulets early.  Request by Feb.  Receive in summer.

Please use the contact form below to enquire, or text to




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Our birds eat Homestead Organics

The barn is a little shady, but the birds are looking so great I had to share some pics. March 2015

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