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Newfoundland Dogs

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Our first Newfoundland. 

Bubba - Bearbrook's Magnum Hickton


Our first Newfoundland was Magnum, or as he became 'Bubba'.  He was my first love and gave all Newfs going foward the nick name 'the Bubba', 'Bubbas' or 'Bubbers'.


Bub wasn't a great swimmer, but he was super smart and clean.  Teach him once and he had it.  Never chewed anything that wasn't a toy and was never overbearing.  He really is the reason we fell in Love with newfs.


Magnum was even at our wedding reception and came on our honeymoon with us.  It was a trip we all adored.



Our second Newfoundland

'Tinker'  Cinali's Tradition in Black


Our second Newf was Tink.  She was an incredibly sweet girl.  The kind who puts her head on your knee and looks at you like you are all that exists in the world.


Tink loved to eat and was a little rascally, but she made up for it with love and more love.  What a doll she was.

Our big boy Nash

'Nash' - Summerford's Nash Orsatti


Our Nash was the type of boy that knows what he wants and when he wants it... and was sure to let us know.  We originally purchased him to show, though he didn't quite work out, but he was our love bug and that's the best.


Nash loved pretty much all food.  He was a big furry stomach and a home body.   He really just wanted to be where we are, inside or out, summer or winter.

As he got older, he still loved going for car rides, but didn't want to actually go anywhere.  Loved being at home chilling with mummy and daddy.

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