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  • Do you currently have puppies?
    No. We also won't have puppies available after having a litter, we have a reservation list. Once you have done your research on Newfoundlands and breeders and know why its important to find a good breeder, expect them to have an interview process and reservation list.
  • I'm looking for a really big Newfoundland...
    Not technically a question, however I hear this a lot. Please note very large Newfoundlands are the exception, not the rule. Our dogs are healthy sized and we breed primarily for structure and temperament, not size. If a healthy weight is not a priority, we are not the correct breeder for you.
  • Can I visit?
    Due to our schedules, we don't have open visitation. However, we try to set at least 1 or 2 dates each year for people to visit.
  • Do you have a questionnaire?
    Yes, we have recently added a questionnaire that should be filled in to enquire about a puppy. See menu for link.
  • Can I be added to your reservation list?
    We have a process in place for prospective buyers. This includes an intial interview and then visitation, prior to be added to our list. See 'how to get on waitlist' below.
  • Do you have adult dogs available?
    Not at this time. If we were to rehome a dog, we would be looking for an ideal scenario. Retired or at home, living on the water where the dog has the space to swim and run etc.
  • Can you consider me for a puppy if someone drops out of your next litter?
    This is not likely possible. We have a number of people on our reservation list and if we have a drop out, the list moves forward; we do not put new requests in front of those who have been waiting.
  • What is included with a puppy?
    All puppies come with first vaccinations and vet record; a small toy, some food, leash, collar, microchip and will be registered with the CKC.
  • How do I get on your waitlist?
    1st, I recommend reading through the website. Make contact VIA the questionnaire and let us know you are interested. At this time it is a good idea to tell us about yourself and what makes your home a good fit for a Newfoundland dog. 2nd, If we think its a good fit, I will arrange the intial interview. We take initial reservations after our interview, however this is only the first part of our process. 3rd. Before being considered for a puppy, we request an inperson visit. We also give additional consideration to those who stay in touch with us and are willing to help us get to know them by sharing pictures of their families and where the dog will live etc
  • When is your next litter?  How often do you breed?
    We expect Evey to come into heat in December (however, please note this litter is spoken for). We breed selectively, usually just 1 litter per year.
  • Do you have a contract; health guarantee?
    Yes. Our contract lays out the agreement terms between us and our buyers, such as the type of socialization and exericise the puppy will receive, agreement to enter the dog in obedience classes, agreement to and when to spay / neuter etc. Our puppies are sent to their homes in good health. This is a 100% guarantee. Our buyers must go to their vet within 72 hours of receipt of their puppy to confirm. We take the measures at our disposal to provide our buyers with healthy puppies. This includes a cardiologist certified heart check at 10 weeks of age. OFA certification on parents etc. Certain things we can guarantee like cystinuria, others have environmental factors that can affect your quickly growing puppy. We see this as a 50/50 relationship in that both parties will do everything they can to ensure the puppy grows up healthy. These considerations are discussed during our interviews.
  • Do you sell to breeders?
    We will consider placing a puppy as a breed potential in a home that meets a number of criterion. Are you a member of the Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada? Will you show this puppy to its championship? Will you complete all pertinent health checks? Will the puppy be a part of your family living in the house w/ you as a pet? If you said no to any of the above, my answer is also no. Please note: any dogs placed as breed potential come w/ other restrictions. Example: Co-ownership with myself etc.

New section, I will continue to add information to assist in answering the most common questions for those interested in newfs.

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