We are Tim and Laurie Orsatti.  We live in Amaranth Ontario, have been married for over 15 years and together for well over 20.  We both love the outdoors, gardening, animals our faith and being creative.  We plant a 42' x 80' garden to enjoy throughout the summer, and save a good portion in our root cellar each winter along with preserves.  For 2020, we are so busy with the dogs, I'm going to cut back the size of the veggie garden and create a perennial sitting area amongst the berries.  So far I still only have 1 apple tree.  


We have owned Newfoundlands for 25 years; we are members of The Canadian Kennel Club, The Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada and the Central Ontario Newfoundland Dog Club.  Our lives are centred around our love of Newfs, we even planned our wedding reception at home so our boy Bubba could be there and took him with us on our honeymoon.

Recently we have started working with wood and look forward to making some of our own hand crafted furniture for the house.  Mostly we enjoy what can only be called a simplified life.  Less stuff, more life.

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Newfoundland dogs, Muskoka
Newfoundland Dogs
Newfoundland dog
Newfoundland Dogs
Newfoundland dog
Newfoundland dog
Mummy and Deke
Evey October 2016
Newfoundland Love
Mummy and Deke 2016
Newfoundland Dog, Algonquin Park
Newfoundland Dog, Algonquin Park
Magnum and Laurie
Carrot harvest
Just Me
Algonquin Park
Ravine Vinyard
Tink Laurie Bubba
Best buddies.
Laurie - center
Amaranth Winter
Tim and Nash
Top end of garden
Tim at the chicken pen
Amaranth Winter
Algonquin Park trail

Hiking in Algonquin Park.  Nash