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To the Orsatti Newfs website

We are located North West of the GTA in Ontario, Canada.  We moved to the country with a goal of living a sustainable lifestyle.  We save some of our own heirloom seeds, preserve goods and root cellar our harvest.

Our focus is on minimizing our lifestyle and enjoying life around the homestead with our newfoundland dogs and Chantecler chickens.  Canada's heritage breed.

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We have posted that we are not taking requests for our puppy list at this time, however are still getting quite a few enquiries.  Unfortunately, this year we lost our lovely Sassenach which has caused us great grief.  It is not only an egregious blow to our breeding program, but to our hearts.  Evey, was diagnosed with pyometra and was spay in the spring, and our little Shiny has had two TPLO surgeries since December. 


We are taking at least a year off to breath and just enjoy our beautiful breed as pets.  Thank you for your interest.  I hope to see you in the future.  7/14

We are bringing a baby rooster home to join our hens soon.  6/8


Evey lost her 2021 litter.  We do not have plan to breed again this year and are not presently taking puppy requests.  6/4/21

With great sadness I announce the loss of our Sassenach 3/24/2021


Artwork page updated 3/11/21


Sassenach completed her Canadian championship.  Fall 2019


Introducing our new girl Shiny.  See her page above.  5/29/19

We had 5 beautiful babies in our Evey x Bobby litter.  Born March 31st.  See Puppy Info tab above for more; hover over tab for litter drop down menu.  


We are proud to introduce our girl:  Orsatti's Sassenach  

See Sass' page above.


We made an addition to our family all the way from Poland:  Disoranto's Joe Cassano.  We brought Joe home on December 8th, 2017.  See his page above. 

**If you are looking for general information about finding a good breeder please click here. **


Orsatti's I Aim to Misbehave.


Almost 15 months.  6-28-20



King of Helluland Fleur du Soir 


Ashmoor's Sea the Stars



More about Orsatti Newfoundlands

  We are a CKC registered Newfoundland breeder in Ontario Canada located North West of the GTA.  In addition to dogs and  working full time we are renovating the house, minimizing our lifestyle and gardening in a manner that it will provide a large portion of our food needs, especially through summer.   We also keep Canada's heritage breed chicken the Chantecler which is an incredible layer dual purpose breed.  We post updates on sustainability among other things in our blog, link above 'Orsatti Blog' and have completed a composting section for those interested in healthy chemical free gardening.




Part 1:  Composting 101, An Introduction

Part 2:  Composting methods

Part 3:  What to compost

Part 4:  Making compost tea


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